Case Study: Ecommerce Buildout for Innerwear Brands – Sexy Basics

Innerwear Brands - Case Study

After facing numerous challenges in their attempt to launch the Sexy Basics site independently, successful Amazon seller Innerwear Brands turned to Tedia Consulting’s Unjungle service to build their Shopify site from scratch.

With Tedia’s help, a dynamic, fully functional e-commerce site was born, empowering Innerwear Brands to expand beyond Amazon.

Our Role:

  • Web Design

  • Development

  • App Integration

  • Catalog Import

  • Payment Setup

  • Logistics Automation Setup

  • Loyalty Programs

  • Email Collection and Flows

  • Amazon Sync

A new website for a thriving apparel brand

The challenge

Innerwear Brands is a four-decade-old NYC-based clothing company that delivers designer-level style and quality at affordable prices. Tedia Consulting faced the challenge of importing the company’s extensive product catalog of around 3,000 SKUs, ensuring correct variations, categorization, and filtering on their shopping pages. 


The primary goal was to create a high-quality website that reflected their Amazon catalog, allowing orders to be shipped from FBA stock without additional processing.

Optimal design with minimal maintenance

the solution

We began with a brand design guidelines document to set the visual tone, using Figma to create mockups and gather feedback. For data transformation, we employed spreadsheet formulas and custom scripts to format Amazon data accurately. 

Our strategies for the Sexy Basics project were based on past experience with similar projects, wherein the goal was to maximize consumer trust and conversion rates. With native themes, apps, and defaults, we were able to reduce the ongoing maintenance burden for the staff.

Implementation in action

Sexy Basics


For the design portion of the project, we began by defining Innerwear’s goals, drawing inspiration from similar sites, and identifying features they needed most. We collected pre-existing assets like logos, images, and videos and created a Brand Moodboard document to give them a clear understanding of the project’s design direction. 


Together, we selected a premium Shopify theme to serve as a foundation. 

After client feedback and approval, we built and revised a site mockup, including key pages like Home, About, Collection, Contact, and Product Pages. Once the revisions were complete, we implemented the design onto the Shopify theme and launched the live site, configuring logistics with MCF and Buy with Prime for full automation.

Catalog creation and management

The second portion of the project focused on catalog building. We began by extracting products from the Amazon Category Listing Report and created variants to meet the 100-variant limit. 


Using AI, we generated consistent product descriptions and established a product hierarchy with categories. 

Some of the primary challenges we faced along the way included:


  • Unreliable Amazon data, which lead to ‘out-of-stock’ products and incorrect images

  • Issues with combined listings

  • Missing SKUs 


After carefully matching the provided images to the correct SKUs and products, we were able to get our client’s site up and running with full automation, so they could begin receiving and processing orders on day one of the launch.



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