We help Amazon Sellers build and manage Shopify Websites

Our Services

Web development

We offer services on a range of different web development needs from e-commerce brand launches to custom coded apps, all using cutting edge platforms and languages.

E-Commerce Brand Launch

Make your brand's web presence felt. We establish your brand with your whole catalog using modern and clean design and all the tools you need to bring in traffic and start selling.

Digital Automation

Data Entry and Processing is one of the costliest and most error prone parts of any business. Modern Automation Tools can reduce or eliminate most of the data work done in your company.

You're wasting your time

How many hours a week are you spending moving numbers and words around your screen instead of doing the creative valuable work that you need to be doing?

Let us put automation to work for your business and save you thousands of hours of mindless wasted time. We’ve done this for multiple companies across varied industries, from real estate to ecommerce to healthcare.  

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About us

Tedia Consulting is a digital services consultancy.

Founded by Joe Sasson in Brooklyn, NY. The Tedia team focuses on helping brands get digital fast. 

We understand that today’s digital landscape is moving at a breakneck speed and we are here to ride the waves!

 Whether that means building out a brand identity from scratch, or adding essential pieces to the digital position of a brand, Tedia has the experience and track record to provide quick and effective results. 

Get in touch today to see how we can help your brand achieve better results online faster.

We know ecommerce

Tedia has worked with dozens of brands to help them achieve their online objectives. We can help you travel the well-worn path that we’ve beaten for many others. 

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