Case Study: New Website Development for Ohr Of The Shore


Ohr of the Shore is a renowned community organization at the Jersey Shore, dedicated to providing an array of resources, services, and products to its community members. Recognizing the significance of a strong digital presence to meet the evolving needs of their audience, Ohr of the Shore partnered with Tedia Consulting to create a responsive, user-friendly, and fully-featured site on Shopify.


To develop a comprehensive and engaging online platform that reflects the ethos of Ohr of the Shore while ensuring easy accessibility to their resources, services, and products.

The Challenge:

While Ohr of the Shore had a clear vision for their digital presence, the challenges were manifold:

  1. Integration of Custom Features: The requirement of custom sections and pages that would resonate with their unique offerings.
  2. Dynamic Content: A need for animated sections and embedded video content to create an engaging user experience.
  3. Tools & Apps: The seamless integration of multiple third-party apps and features such as on-site chat, email collection, and more.

The Solution:

  1. Full Site Design and Development: Tedia Consulting began with a blueprint of the site structure. The design team put forth custom-made sections and pages to ensure a unique and intuitive layout.
  2. Theme Selection and Customization: Given the diverse needs of Ohr of the Shore, a flexible theme was selected, allowing for extensive customization. This enabled the site to have a coherent design language that reflects the brand’s identity.
  3. Product and Collection Setups: E-commerce capabilities were enhanced with a streamlined setup of products and collections, making it easy for users to navigate, select, and purchase.
  4. Engaging Content: By embedding animated sections and video content, the user experience was enriched, making the site more interactive and engaging.
  5. Seamless App Integration: Tedia Consulting tactfully integrated essential apps:
  • On-site chat for real-time query resolution.
  • Email collection tools to foster community growth.
  • FAQ sections to address common inquiries.
  • Page Builder to ensure easy backend management.
  • Custom forms to gather specific user information.

Anticipated Results:

Following the launch of the Ohr of the Shore website, we anticipate the following outcomes:

  • Increased Engagement: Given the introduction of dynamic content and interactive sections, we expect users to spend more time exploring the site.
  • Enhanced User Experience: The intuitive navigation, cohesive design, and immediate access to resources are likely to result in lower bounce rates.
  • Growth in Community Interaction: With tools like the on-site chat and email collection in place, we anticipate a surge in community outreach and communication, fostering a stronger bond with community members.

By projecting anticipated results, Ohr of the Shore and Tedia Consulting set clear benchmarks for future assessments and pave the way for ongoing optimization and improvements.


The collaboration between Ohr of the Shore and Tedia Consulting culminated in the creation of a digital platform that not only encapsulates the organization’s essence but also provides a seamless and enriching experience for the community. This case study underscores the value of thoughtful design, comprehensive integration, and a user-centric approach in the realm of website development.

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