Case Study: Website Redesign for Regal Home Collections


This case study presents the successful website redesign project undertaken by Tedia Consulting for Regal Home Collections, a manufacturer of window curtains selling to big box retailers. The objective of the project was to revamp their website, which lacked focus and effectiveness in attracting new big box retail clients.


Regal Home Collections is a leading supplier of window curtains catering to big box retailers. However, their existing website failed to effectively showcase their strengths and value proposition, our client actively expressed a hesitancy to include links to the website, fearing it would leave buyers with a bad impression.


Regal Home approached Tedia Consulting to address the challenge of redesigning their website to better align with their objective of attracting new big box retail clients.

The primary goal was to create a visually stunning and professional website that would clearly communicate their brand values and strengths.

Although the potential value of the site was large, and the confidence and credibility it would bring was priceless, our client had a limited budget to accomplish these goals.


The key objectives of the project were to:

  • Clarify the website’s messaging and positioning.
  • Create a visually appealing design that complements the brand values and strengths.
  • Bring the Regal Home showroom online. Conveying the same feeling that buyers got when visiting the showroom, online.
  • Build the website on WordPress using the Elementor page builder for easy editing and maintenance.
  • Incorporate animations to enhance user engagement.
  • Accomplish these objective within a limited budget of less that $5,000


To achieve the objectives, Tedia Consulting followed a insights based approach as follows:

  • Conducted in-depth interviews with Regal Home to clarify their brand positioning, strengths, history, and unique selling points for big box retailers.
  • Developed a professional design mockup that effectively expressed the messaging and incorporated brand elements and visuals from the showroom.
  • Collaborated with Regal Home for iterative revisions until settling on the final visually stunning design.
  • Implemented the design using WordPress and the Elementor page builder, ensuring ease of editing and updates.
  • Added animations to the website to enhance user experience and engagement.
  • Utilized cutting edge design and development resources to complete the project quickly and cheaply without sacrificing any quality


The redesigned website received overwhelmingly positive feedback from Regal Home. The new design effectively communicated the company’s brand values, strengths, and unique offerings, making it a powerful tool to attract potential big box retail clients. Regal Home expressed high satisfaction with the final product, gaining confidence in directing potential buyers to their website.

Lessons Learned:

While the project achieved its objectives successfully, there were some challenges in aligning the design with the brand’s core values. Iterative feedback and revisions were necessary to achieve the desired outcome. The key lesson learned was the importance of thorough communication and understanding of the client’s brand identity as well as utilizing the correct tools to reduce expense, while boosting quality.


The collaboration between Tedia Consulting and Regal Home Collections resulted in a visually stunning and professionally designed website that effectively communicated the brand’s strengths and value proposition. The successful redesign has empowered Regal Home to confidently showcase their products and attract potential big box retail clients.

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